Do you love gifts in a jar? They are fun both to create and to receive. Gift in a jar for someone who crochets can inlude many small handy items. I recently discovered the joy of putting together crochet-themed gifts in jars, and it’s a delightful way to show your appreciation for your crocheter friends or family. We’ll explore some creative and thoughtful ideas for crafting the perfect crochet gifts in a jar. You can also watch the video where I’m filling the jar.

Selecting the jar

The first step in creating a crochet gift in a jar is finding the perfect jar. You can often find unique and charming jars at thrift stores or local charity shops, just like I did. See the page image. Those shops may have jars also from former decades. But if you prefer a new one, most homeware stores and supermarkets sell them. Also some vases can be the right shape.

Jar top

Make a doily for the jar top or find one at a charity shop. You can also cut out a circle out of Chrismtas or other pretty fabric and tie with a ribbon. The third suggestion for the top I have on the video is more unusual: use antislip netting! That way your friend can use the top to open bottles and jars easily. I have a separate video about making a bottle/jar opener.

The ribbon that ties up the jar in the page image is my favourite way of crocheting a cord. See instructions here!

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Items to add to your jar

Find small useful items in your local yarn or hobby store or order online. Many of the items of the list of suggestions can also be purchasedt in a supermarket. Think of what especially would make your friend happy!

  • Stitch markers
  • Crochet hook
  • Small scissors
  • Beads
  • Tapestry needles
  • Finishing needles
  • Earring and ring blanks
  • Pen & notebook
  • Encouraging note
  • Wrapped chocolate
  • Christmas flavour tea bag
  • Wind up mini balls of yarn
  • Yarn detergent sachet
  • Measuring tape
Items to add to gift in a jar for crocheter

See video: GIFT IN A JAR for Crocheters. The Best Crochet Gift Idea!

Jar full of useful items for crocheters

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