I love to have colour in Christmas decorations! These crochet baubles can be made in any colour combination to go with the rest of your Christmas decor.

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Overlay crochet gives lots of possibilities for using colour, so I decided to include it for these balls. Overlay crochet means doing a second, or even third layer of stitches over part of your crochet. This gives a more three-dimensional feel to the project. It can also be omitted in a pattern because it is an extra layer.

Here overlays are the V-shaped doublecrochets and trebles over the first layer of crochet.

You can make the ball in any kind of yarn or thread. On the video I use doubleknitting weight wool and a crochet hook 4 mm. The finished ball is 10 cm (4 in) in diameter. The smallest on shown on the video is cotton crochet thread with hook size 2 mm. The ball is then 7 cm (2.75 in) in diameter. The ball is made in two parts. You need either wadding (filling) to put inside it or a polystyrene ball. You sew the two parts together in the middle.

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Video tutorial of crochet Christmas bauble

The tutorial goes over the making of the ball step by step.

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Crochet colorful Christmas bauble decorations

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