Crochet a lot of lace snowflakes like this for your own Christmas and holiday decor. Or give one to all your friends and family! This pattern is easy to learn by heart. There are just four rounds of crochet in the snowflake pattern.

Tip: Attach a snowflake to a Christmas card from its hanging loop. That way the recipient of the card can hang it on their tree this year and in years to come!

The snowflake in the photo has been hardened with sugar. Instructions for sugar starching are at the end of the tutorial video (see below). I used 50-50 sugar and water.

You can also harden crochet using white PVC glue. Use 60% glue, 40% water and mix well before soaking the snowflake in the glue. Let dry on a non-stick surface.

More snowflake patterns:

Two-round snowflake 1  This fast snowflake has been one of my most popular patterns and video tutorials. The two videos – the original one and an improved version – have been watched almost 300K times. Many crocheters also sell these snowflakes at fairs.
Two-round snowflake 2
One-round snowflake
Watch the video tutorials for these three snowflakes directly on this YouTube playlist.

You can choose between a chart and video tutorial to make the snowflake. If charts are new to you, watching the video and chart together is a practical way to learn to understand how charts work.

Snowflake crochet chart

This chart and tutorial use US crochet terms. The 4th round is in red to make the chart clearer, so that it doesn’t get mixed with the other rounds.


Crochet chart symbols explained


Crochet chart for lace snowflake

Video tutorial: Crochet lace snowflakes for your holiday decor

crochet snowflake tutorial link

Save the snowflake pattern for later

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Crochet snowflake tutorial and chart

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