Do you have a lot of left-over yarn in all sorts of colours? Here’s a project you can do for Christmas or any time of the year and use up a lot of your stash.

I love bunting of any kind! It makes a room, hall or garden so cheerful. I also love fringes, so this project combines the two. The crochet bunting is very simple to do. You only need to chain and make single crochet stitches (US crochet terms, double crochet in English terms) and plait the yarn ends together.

Step by step video

Here’a video of how to make this. after the video there’s a written pattern.

Here’s a close-up photo of the work in progress:


Crochet bunting pattern

Crochet every row using a different colour piece of yarn. Leave a 15 cm (6 inch) tail before and after each row for the fringes.
You fasten off at the end of each row. This is not mentioned separately.

sc = single crochet (US crochet term, double crochet in English terms)
st / sts = stitch/stitches
SK = skip

If you prefer to avoid a starting chain by using chainless foundation, see this video on how to do it: Make 20 chainless foundation stitches.
Chain 20

Row 1 sc into every ch st [20 sts]
Row 2 sc into every st [20 sts]
Row 3 SK 1, 18 sc [18 sts]
Row 4 sc into every st [18 sts]
Row 5 SK 1, 16 sc [16 sts]
Row 6 sc into every st [16 sts]
Row 7 SK 1, 14 sc [14 sts]
Row 8 sc into every st [14 sts]
Row 9 SK 1, 12 sc [12 sts]
Row 10 sc into every st [12 sts]
Row 11 SK 1, 10 sc [10 sts]
Row 12 sc into every st [10 sts]
Row 13 SK 1, 8 sc [8 sts]
Row 14 sc into every st [8 sts]
Row 15 SK 1, 6 sc [6 sts]
Row 16 sc into every st [6 sts]
Row 17 SK 1, 4 sc [4 sts]
Row 18 sc into every st [4 sts]
Row 19 SK 1, 2 sc [2 sts]
Row 20 sc into every st [2 sts]

To finish off, plait yarn ends together. 3 strands of yarn except 4 at the end to use them all up. Tie a knot and cut the yarns as seen in the photo.

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