This 2-round snowflake pattern has been the most popular of the quick 1- and 2-round snowflakes I have. After many years I now made a new video for it. You can also get the written pattern free on Ravelry. This snowflake is fast to crochet and also easy to learn by heart. Therefore it is suitable for beginners in crochet.

You can starch (harden) the snowflake in many different ways. I normally use either sugar-water (50-50%) or glue and water (a bit more glue than water) but there are also many commercial starches available. You can also use hobby varnish for hardening.

Tip: Crochet two snowflakes using sewing thread, harden them and add earring hooks!

More snowflakes!

Also check out these snowflakes in my blog and videos and mix the three different ones!

Video: Improved version of 2-round crochet snowflake

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